Roberto Veloso

Lawyer, Thinker, and Maker in Annapolis, Maryland


I am an attorney who crafts novel solutions to difficult problems. I have a long record of success providing expert advice and counsel on a wide variety of legal and management issues to: clients in private practice; federal, state and local governments; and academia.

I spent the first 10 years of my career working on complex civil litigation in the insurance industry, at a law firm in Washington DC and as an Assistant Attorney General for the State of Maryland. Since then, I have worked as a solo practitioner in a transactional practice handling compliance, risk management, business and commercial law matters. I have also served on numerous boards, commissions and committees advising on civil rights issues, adjudicating personnel appeals and providing regulatory and ethical oversight of research on human subjects.

An engineer by temperament and creator by nature, I love solving puzzles, bringing order to chaos and turning ideas into reality. I started learning how to program computers in the mid 1980s on my university's PDP-10 (DEC 10) mainframe and graduated with a degree in philosophy. I put those coding skills to good use in the early 2000s when I began working on web and mobile app development to complement and support the work I do in my law practice. This led me to start a company developing legal technology software.

Now, my law practice, consulting and software development work are focused on serving the needs of emerging businesses and startups and helping clients explore and develop solutions to problems at the intersection of law and technology.


•Business and commercial law; civil rights law; governance, risk management, compliance and ethics; regulation of research with human subjects; insurance industry regulation, claims and coverage disputes

•Strategic planning; leading, teaching and inspiring people; managing projects and programs; developing and optimizing the process that leads to success

•Learning new technologies (machine learning, blockchain, smart contracts, etc.) and writing code (Python, Java, C++, Swift) as time permits


Licensed to practice law in the state of Maryland and the District of Columbia (inactive status)


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